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Recent History

Recent History

There have been numerous events and guests that have poignantly marked the last decade of the hotel. Exclusive presentations, conferences, fashion shows, ceremonies and spectacular daily programs held in the magnificent Emerald Ballroom have attracted numerous guests. Notably, one such ceremony award at the Esplanade was the World Luxury Hotel Awards, which attracted enormous attention. A historical celebration on Ban Jelacic Square celebrated Croatia becoming a full EU member state on 1 July 2013. For this occasion, Zagreb welcomed numerous statesmen, many of whom stayed at the Esplanade Hotel due to the historical importance and uniqueness of the event. This day will be forever remembered as being the first time on the same day, several dozen top level delegations stayed at the hotel, which  was guarded by security forces as never before.

The Esplanade Hotel, independent from 2012, continues to follow the well-known tradition and high standards of top-quality service and innovation, fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries setting new trends in the hotel industry. A series of numerous awards only confirms the leading position of the hotel in Zagreb and the region. The Esplanade was and is the temple of the finest gastronomy establishing itself as a hotel with exquisite taste, sophistication, exceptional service and special, honest relationships with Zagreb, its citizens and every single guest.

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