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Food Concept

Awarded. Innovative. Traditional. Creative. Sustainable.

Food Concept

From High Society-inspired dining to modern Mediterranean chic and serving simply the best Štrukli in town, the award-winning collection of restaurants at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel lead the pack. Whether you choose grand style or buzzy, al fresco dining, prepare for an unforgettable experience.

2022 Chef of the Year

Ana Grgić Tomić, Executive Chef

In 2012 Ana proudly became the very first woman to lead the Esplanade’s kitchen and went on to follow the tradition of crafting exceptional cuisine, placing her specific culinary touch within all her dishes.



Stylish & Elegant

Zinfandel’s Restaurant

Unique environment created at the Zinfandel’s and sublime cuisine that combines excellent local ingredients with tastes from all over the world are the winning combination for superb dining experience in the heart of Zagreb.



A Trendy Edition of Seductive French Cuisine

Le Bistro

Since its opening in 1986, Le Bistro immediately assumed an important role in the city’s daily life and has for decades offered typical bistro-style meals, as well as the world-famous Esplanade Štrukli.




Sip a cocktail and soak up the atmosphere

Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar

Esplanade Zagreb’s art deco bar is the destination for afternoon tea as well as an ever-popular Chill Out Nights featuring contemporary music from our resident DJ.




Feeling like a bite to eat, but too tired to go out for a snack?

Room Service

Just relax, forget about your daily routine, pamper yourself and simply surrender to moments of sheer indulgence.




With its French elegance, simplicity, and trendy menu, simultaneously modern and traditional, Esplanade’s Le Bistro, located at the corner of the hotel, delights its guests since 1986.

The Esplanade’s Zinfandel’s Restaurant represents the essence of haute cuisine and it’s the finest meeting place for both Zagreb’s locals and hotel guests.

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