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Croatia’s No. 1 bartender

No. 1 bartender

in Croatia

Bar Manager of the Esplanade Lounge & Cocktail Bar, Srecko Soh began his professional career with us no less than 13 years ago as a waiter. Through years of hard work, constantly gaining knowledge and equally sharpening his skills, Srecko has truly become a skilful barman and world-class cocktail master!

His marvelous cocktail fusions (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) have featured in numerous beverage competitions which have proudly won a host of awards – clearly highlighting the essence of Srecko’s talent.

In 1999, competing in his very first professional competition, Srecko fantastically won 3rd place within the aperitif and cocktail category which inspired him to raise the bar and successfully take part in various international competitions.

Notably, among his many achievements, Srecko was given the title as Croatia’s Bartender of the Year.

Following his national success, he modestly went on to enter the reputable World Bartender Competition in Berlin with his unique Red & Fancy cocktail creation, walking away in 8th place from a total of more than 800 contestants from across the globe.

Srecko constantly shares his remarkable talent, skills and enthusiasm among his colleagues at the Esplanade Bar, who have already fruitfully begun to follow directly in his footsteps as they enter various competitions and receive recognition for their bartender talents.

Be sure to drop by the Esplanade Bar as you’ll be pleasantly impressed by the warm ambiance, art deco atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibe.

Step into a world of impeccable service, excellent music and indulge in the extensive list of irresistible and refreshing cocktails. Seek advice from the bartenders who’ll recommend and personally create exactly what you’ll need to feel on top of the world, experiencing a truly unforgettable evening!

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